Drilco Oil and Gas is currently starting operations on the Drilco 2018 1H Drilling Program, a 2 well pad (1 vertical and 1 horizontal) in Ritchie County, West Virginia.  “We have strategically sited the pads in places for the highest potential of oil and gas extraction in a proven undeveloped field.’

Since 1995 Drilco has drilled on its own funding, local industry  partnerships, or bank lines  This is the first opportunity ever for private investors to participate with Drilco , with exception to a limited amount of local investors.  Drilco is retaining and funding 25% of all cost and ownership.  The rest is available to qualified buyers.

We have strategically surveyed sites for 2 well pads and specifically placed them in areas for the highest potential of oil and gas extraction in a proven undeveloped field.

Real Ownership

DO NOT buy units or portions of units from brokers or 3rd parties EVER.  Buy percentage ownership direct from driller.

Industry Pricing

DO NOT invest with brokers or 3rd parties at elevated pricing that dillutes your profits.  When you buy from us, you buy at cost.

True Partnership

In most cases we are the single biggest investor in each of our drilling programs with an average holding of 25%. “We invest elbow to elbow with our interest partners.” We are looking for qualified investors that appreciate a company that has real “skin in the game”.

Investing With Drilco

The Drilco vision is to develop production proven acreage in West Virginia.  The first American oil discovery was right here in Appalachia.   This is a land rich in natural resources, and VERY LOW RISK.  The Appalachian Basin is covered in blanket formations. “You do not have the risk of dry holes here as you do in Texas and Oklahoma, where the risk of total loss is substantial.”

This is an opportunity for you to create substantial wealth through monthly revenues, and creating for yourself an incredible tax benefit.

Our operations team is always in the field drilling, completing, or servicing well sites. We invite you to visit us anytime.

Over 200+ Producing wells

Millions of dollars in oil and gas revenue

22 years drilling the Appalachian Basin

Potential 2 to 1 first year returns

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